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One of the most important stages when buying prohibited goods on the darknet and on KRAKEN is to formalize the transaction correctly. There are several components here, both online and offline. We will tell you about all the nuances of the transaction and what to do if cooperation reaches a dead end.

All about the deal on the KRAKEN website

When you have chosen the product and then decided on the seller, all you have to do is make the payment and receive a card with your treasure. You will be provided with a geo tag that will make it clear where to pick up the goods. Please note that our usual delivery service does not exist on the KRAKEN website. No one will courier weapons or drugs to your home. Completely different rules apply here. You will need to go to the place indicated on the map and pick up the products.Then you need to check everything, namely the availability of the product, as well as the correspondence of the weight with the one that was indicated. If there are any difficulties, you did not find the treasure or the product does not correspond to the stated description, then you must photograph the area or the purchase and write to the seller. If the seller does not want to discuss and solve the problem, then you can write to support, they will definitely help you.